Dangerous Temptations Bonus/Deleted Scene

Only read this if you’ve read Dangerous Temptations! Also, this is unedited!

The Night Before

The night was cool, even for New York, but I loved it. It made me feel alive. The crisp wind sent a chill down my body, but I welcomed it. I wore a strapless silver cocktail dress and bright red heels. The shoes matched my lips, which of course was on purpose. I never went out without properly coordinating my outfits, otherwise The New York Post would label me as an unfit ‘queen’.

It was sickening really, but I fell for it. I kept my hair and nails properly groomed, I hired a trainer for four days a week to keep my “killer body” in tact, and never ate more than twelve hundred calories a day. My days consisted of blogging at a fashion magazine and my nights were spent inside my New York penthouse with my fiancé.

Tonight—I was just Mackenzie. I’d let loose, dance, and forget about the consequences. Fuck the magazines and the paparazzi for their stupid accusations. I promised Brittainy tonight was about her. The bride-to-be.

We arrived to Club Le Bain in a sleek, black limo. We started drinking hours ago before we even had dinner, but now we were ready to dance.

“Oohhhhh! Bachelorette in the house!” Ella screamed, dragging us all behind her. “Move…move!” She was almost six feet tall of pure mocha gorgeousness. Her long, black hair and body of a model earned our way inside.

Brittainy was dressed in a bachelorette sash, Princess Crown, and “Kiss Me, I’m the Bride” buttons, which let everyone in the club know we were partying hard tonight. If that didn’t give it away, the half dozen penis straws attached to her shirt would.

“I hate you!” Brittainy squealed as we finally made our way to a bar table. She laughed as she grabbed a straw and began chewing on it. She had made us promise not to make her dress up, but I couldn’t help it. It was cheesy and cliché, so I had to.

“You love me!” I shouted back over the music. “You look hot!”

“Whatever,” she slurred, smiling and giggling like the drunken fool she was. “We need drinks!” she screamed much too loud.

“On it!” Ella yelled, waving her hand back at us as she walked to the bar. Knowing her, she’d come back with a tray full of free shots and shooters.

“Let’s go dance!” Staci begged, pulling on Brittainy’s arm. “I wanna dance,” she whined. Brittainy gave in and the both of them took off. I stood with our other friend, Katie, who wasn’t exactly my biggest fan.

“Aren’t you gonna dance?” she asked, looking unimpressed.

“I need another drink first,” I explained. I wasn’t shy, but I needed the buzz. I wanted to let loose and be carefree. Just for tonight.

Ella returned with a tray full of drinks I couldn’t name. We each took two shots, one after the other.

“Here, try this,” Ella insisted.

“What is it?”

“It’s awesome, just trust me, Mac!” I heard over the music. I shrugged my shoulders and took the drink. It tasted fruity and sweet—delicious.

“So good!” My hips began bumping with the music, my body relaxing and finally ready to hit the floor. “Let’s go dance now!”

Ella and Katie followed behind, some techno remix blaring through the speakers. “What the hell is this shit?” Ella asked, her lips turned down in disgust.

“I don’t know,” I answered. “Just go with it!” I smiled at her, hoping she’d finally relax for once.

Brittainy and Staci found us, both of them completely wasted and crazy. I moved by body toward them, putting my hands on Staci’s shoulder to steady myself. The music changed and we continued dancing.

“I need a drink!” Brittainy announced, but I stayed behind. I felt good, and I didn’t want to waste the buzz I was feeling.

As I continued dancing, I felt strong hands behind me. They crept to my hips, moving and grinding behind me. I kept swaying, inviting the stranger to dance with me.

“I couldn’t help myself. You just looked so gorgeous dancing all by yourself over here.” His voice was husky, low. His breath was hot against my neck, sending a shiver down to my toes.

I smiled to myself since he couldn’t see me. I responded with inching my body closer to his, feeling his chest to my back. He was built from what I could tell. His chest hard, and his arms toned. They engulfed me, pressing against my body in a securing gesture.

We danced to the music, one hand moved to my arm, rubbing up and down in an affectionate matter. It was oddly comforting, his gestures were sweet but secure.

“What’s your name?” He dipped his head down, pressing his lips against the flesh of my ear. My body tingled with how close his mouth was. His entire body was cemented to mine, and I had yet to see his face.

“Mac,” I answered, turning my head slightly so he could hear me. “What’s yours?”

He spun me around, his hands securely gripping my upper arms. My eyes opened wide to see him but the lights were dim and the dancing of colored lights moved in a quick rhythm. I could partially see him—his jawline and his mouth. His eyes were hooded, not giving me a good view of them. His hair was short on the sides and longer on top, but I couldn’t see which color. Everything was dark.

“Alex,” he finally responded. His lips turned up into a handsome grin, giving me a full view of his perfectly straight teeth. I didn’t know what to say, so I just stared at him, letting the alcohol swim in my veins. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mac.”

One hand continued gripping my arm, while the other strolled down to my hip. He squeezed gently, waking me up from my trance.

“It’s nice to meet you, too, Alex.” I smiled, feeling like we were the only two in the entire club. The music silenced, the other dancers faded, and soon my vision only zoomed in on this enticing stranger.

“Can I buy you a drink?” He leaned in again, close to my ear. It was so deep, soothing almost as the silk of his voice vibrated against the warmth of my skin. Butterflies consumed my stomach at the way my body was responding to him. It was innocent really, but the way his lips lingered was a sure sign that it wouldn’t stay that way.

“Sure,” I answered anyway. My body felt hypnotized, stunned by the affect this stranger was stirring in me.

His hand ran down my arm until it reached my hand. He linked our fingers together as he guided us up to the bar. I nervously looked around for my friends, wondering if they were still at the same table we had been at.

“What’s your poison?” he asked playfully, leaning one arm against the bar top. I stood in front of him, getting a much better visual of his face. His jawline was firm and strong, but it didn’t match the rest of him. He had one of those soft baby faces, the ones that look like they never age. His eyes were brown from what I could now see and his hair was a dark shade of blonde. He was every girl’s wet fantasy, but he couldn’t be mine.

“I’ll take a Cranberry Vodka.”

“A girl who can drink her liquor…” His lips curved up in one of the sexiest smirks I’ve ever seen. His lips were thin, but delicious looking. “I like that.”

“I’m sure you do.” I smirked back, enjoying the attention he was giving me. He could easily have a dozen other girls in this club.

“Actually…” He inched his head down lower, almost whispering. “I don’t really go out much. I just flew back into New York. I was actually supposed to meet a friend and apparently they blew me off.”

That surprised me. He looked like a guy who went out every weekend, at least.

“Is that what you tell all the girls?” I mocked.

He laughed, brushing his hand through his hair lightly. He grabbed the drinks from the bartender and threw a twenty on the bar. “No, it’s the truth.” He smiled. “I saw you earlier standing at the table with your friends. You were laughing and smiling…you looked so carefree and full of life. I find that a very attractive quality in a woman.”

His confession took me off guard, but I didn’t want to give him the wrong idea. I wasn’t an easy lay, and I wasn’t into one-night stands.

“All right,” I lingered, circling my straw in my glass. “Well, I haven’t been out in months. It’s my friend’s bachelorette party actually.”

“Really?” His eyes roamed over my body, admiring the way my dress squeezed my curves. “You seem like a girl that likes to have fun…often.”

“Well, you know what they say about accusations…” I grinned, gripping the straw between my lips. I leaned in, whispering inches away from his mouth. “Unfortunate disappointments.”

“I’d be willing to bet my first born that you would be anything but a disappointment, sweetheart.” His voice stayed deep, firm. His eyes embedded into mine, letting me know exactly what he was after.

“Well, get ready to lose that bet.” I smiled confidently. “I need to get back to my friend before she thinks I ditched her.”

“Ahh…the nice blow off…” His eyes held mine, daring me to leave.

“I’m not blowing you off,” I insisted. “It’s just…it’s a girl’s night,” I explained.

“Oh, girl’s night…” He let the words out easily in understanding. “Well, if you get lonely and decide to make it a fun night, you’ll know where to find me.” He winked, gripping my elbow in his palm. He pulled me forward and pressed his lips to my cheek. “Enjoy your evening, Mac.” Tingles riveted throughout my entire body—a sensation I hadn’t felt in months. It was uncanny for someone I just met.

“Thanks…you too.” I finally managed to say. I found Ella finally and took off with my Vodka Cranberry in my hand.

“Giiiiiirl…who was that and does he have a twin?” She arched her body to look around me, getting a full view of Mr. Gorgeous in the flesh.

“I don’t know…” I laughed. “Stop it. We aren’t here to find hook ups. We’re here to celebrate Brittainy’s last time out as a single woman!” I screamed, finally gaining her attention. She was totally wasted, swaying her hips and hair back and forth.

“I can’t believe she’s getting married!” Ella screamed back. None of us do actually.

Brittainy was what you’d call a Prom Queen. She had high goals, unfathomable standards for boyfriends, and only wore the best designers. She was high maintenance with excellent taste. But the thing about her was that she never acted better than you—she was a blend of southern girl meets city life. She was always popular in high school and college, always dated the jocks, and always looked flawless—that’s how she really got her nickname.

She also wasn’t known for her long-term relationships. Oliver was her longest at eleven months before he proposed. He knew he had a good thing when he finally convinced her to say yes to their first date. It didn’t take him long to put a ring on it and keep her for himself. I’m only surprised she said ‘yes.’

“Let’s go back out and dance!” Katie suggested. I had to make a double take to ensure I was hearing her right. Apparently, alcohol made her nice.

I sucked down the rest of my drink and set it on a nearby table before following them back out. The burn of the alcohol lingered in my throat as I was dragged to the center of the floor.

It’d been awhile since I had a night out drinking and it was fully consuming my blood and veins. My head began spinning, matching the fast-paced tempo of the music.

I wasn’t sure how long we’d been dancing before I felt his hands on me. I smiled as I smelled his blend of alcohol and soap. I inhaled it, taking it all it as I allowed his hands to fall on me again. I should’ve turned around and pushed him away, but something in me wanted him to stay. That something wasn’t thinking with a clear mind.

His hands were on my hips and soon glided upward just under my breasts. I shivered the closer we got. He was gorgeous and sweet, and fuck—could he dance. I felt his arousal against the small of my back. It wouldn’t have been obvious just by looking at him, but since there was nothing in between us, I could feel every part of him—every chiseled muscle and hot breath that floated around me. It was exhilarating, and I couldn’t stop myself.

“You’ve been driving me wild making me watch you dance like this…I couldn’t help myself.”

His mouth was on my neck, feathering kisses up to my ear as he whispered. His voice was deep, almost a growl as I felt him smell my skin. “God, Mac. There’s something that about you that captivates me…”

I turned my head so he could hear me as I responded, “It’s called the alcohol effect.” I giggled. “Or what is it men call it? Beer Goggles?”

I felt him relax against me, laughing. “I suppose that’s a term college guys would use. But that’s not it in this case,” he tried to reassure me. Not that I doubted him. I did go all out in looking my best tonight. I went out with the only intention of celebrating Brittainy’s upcoming nuptials.

“What is it you want from me?” I asked bluntly. I needed to know, because I was not about to lead this guy on. He seemed almost too good to be true and the last thing I wanted to do was send out the wrong message.

“Well, if I’m being honest, which I almost always are…I want you. I want your sweaty body underneath me, against me. I want your eyes to look up into mine as I lay above you, fucking you hard and fast.” My body quivered, jerking at his blunt response. “I want to feel how tight your pussy is, how wet you are for me. I want to suck on your tits as I hear you scream my name, because holy hell, imagining you do that would be so damn sexy.” I swallowed hard as I wrapped my brain around his words—words I hadn’t heard in so long. “I told you I was honest,” he whispered into my ear again.

I wasn’t sure how to respond, but the alcohol took over for me.

I spun around and locked my arms around his neck. He looked at me, took me in. His mouth was firm, tense as I analyzed his facial features and how delicious he looked. My body felt on fire, burning and aching in between my legs as I repeating his words in my mind.

Why did his words have an affect on me? I wasn’t supposed to let someone else say those things to me, touch me, and beg me. I craved it—his words, the look he was giving me—my body was craving it all and it didn’t make any sense to me.

“Stop,” he said firmly, gaining my attention back. “Stop overthinking, Mac. What’s your body telling you?”

I sucked in a breath, too embarrassed to tell him. “I don’t know.”

His lips curved up into a devilish smirk. “You’re a horrible liar, Mac.” He pulled me in closer, our chests colliding. The top of my head reached just under his chin, making our eyes disconnect.

“How do you know?” I asked. I was only vaguely aware that we were in fact not alone. The music and dancing bodies surrounded us, but it didn’t feel that way. I was on high alert of every word he said and every movement his body made.

He grabbed my chin and tilted it so we were eye-level again. He brushed the pad of his thumb over my jaw as he said, “Because I’m good at reading body language. Your body’s hot. You haven’t stopped blushing since you’ve met me, and I can smell your arousal from up here. Your nipples are hard and peaking out from this thin material you call a dress. Your eyes are tense, as is your mouth. Your body can’t stop trembling and every time you speak, small moans escape your throat. Your body is fucking begging for it, Mac.”

I swallowed again, shocked and embarrassed. He read me like a damn book, feeling everything I was trying to hide.

I needed to find out for myself.

“Kiss me,” I said. “Kiss me right now.”

Both of his hands cupped my face, nearly covering it completely with the size of them. My breath hitched as he covered my mouth with his, pressing his lips to mine. They were soft, warm like honey. I grabbed a hold of his wrists, clenching to him as his kiss sparked my entire body. I felt high, as if this feeling wasn’t natural, yet it was overtaking my entire body.

His tongue met mine, dancing in a rhythm as we stood in the middle of the dance floor. His kiss consumed me, taking charge of my entire body. He increased his pace, deepening his desire as I held on for everything he was giving me.

I felt a jolt of energy strike through me as our mouths collided, both panting with heavy breaths and heated air.

He tasted like bourbon, oaky and sweet. His cologne wasn’t overbearing, but being this close, I could smell the musky scent mixed with the alcohol and the clean smell of his soap. Our bodies were meshed into one big body of hands and mouths.

And now I couldn’t stop. One taste and I wanted it. Wanted him.