Breaking the Limits Update!

Hello everyone!! Happy Thursday! The weekend is almost here!

So I figured it was time to update y’all on Breaking the Limits. It was originally supposed to be released in February and then in March and now it’s almost April. First, I want to apologize for the delay and lack of communication. There’s been a lot happening lately & I’ve been contemplating how to explain it all to everyone.

3 months ago, I launched my own LuLaRoe in-home & online boutique. I knew my time would be limited, but I had no idea just how much time. As much as it’s been rewarding and fun and a great outlet aside from writing, it’s taken me away from being able to write full-time. Before LLR, I was stuck. BTL wasn’t being written as fast as I had hoped and I was stuck with parts of my outline. When I was writing Pushing the Limits, I struggled a lot with the art aspects and the mental illness Aspen suffered with. It took a lot of energy out of me and I had to do a lot of research, which also took me out of the story and then struggled to get back into it again.

Although Breaking the Limits has a completely different plot, it has similarities from PTL such as being a student/teacher romance, an art aspect, and an emotional past that links the two characters together. It’s been a struggle to get their story out and adding LLR to my resume was just the break my mind needed.

Now that being said, I am diving back into Kendall’s story. Yes, it’s taken me much longer than I anticipated, so I truly appreciate your patience. When the book is finished and headed to the editing stage, I will post again when it will release.


Thank you all again for being so excited about Kendall’s story. I am working furiously to get it released for you all!


Much love,

Brooke xoxo

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