Teaser #1 from Kitchen Scandals

As promised… here is your first teaser :)

I was concentrating on slicing some vegetables when a pair of large, cold hands covered my eyes from behind me. Shocked, I dropped the knife on the cold, metal counter that echoed a large noise throughout the kitchen. The man lowered his mouth to my ear, whispering, “Do as I say and no one gets hurt.”
I plunged my elbow into his ribs, knocking him down to his feet. I quickly turned, grabbed the knife, and ran out without glancing at whom it was. It didn’t matter. I wanted out. 

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Hope you all enjoyed a day off with your family! I love writing & even on holidays I write! Between the cooking, playing, cleaning up, and separating three kids – I squeeze in some writing! 
Over 4,400 free eBook downloads for Good Friday! :) How awesome! I hope you are all enjoying the book. Yes, there are some loose ends in the book, but I promise they all come together in the next one, Kitchen Scandals (what I’m working on now)! 
I’m enjoying all the feedback & reviews so please keep them coming! More good stuff to come!

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Excerpt for Wonderstruck

Here is the first excerpt of my standalone novel, Wonderstruck.
(Coming Soon on eBook)


Max & Aubrey “Bree” are two theatre performers from different sides of the social spectrum. Aubrey, a cynical, edgy, and sarcastic girl doesn’t take shit from anyone. Raised in foster homes for half her life, she doesn’t let people in very easily. She’s guarded and uses sarcasm as a defensive mechanism. Enter, Max – the popular, bad boy of her senior class. Joining theatre as community service, Max learns he truly likes acting and continues it long after his hours are up. Max and Bree are casted as leads in the winter play, Wonderstruck, where they have a few kissing scenes. After an intensive hot kiss, heat and chemistry build between the two, but with Bree being guarded and reserved, she fights her feelings for him, until a car accident almost kills Max, and she finally reveals her true feelings. 
Bree has severe abandonment issues, and Max’s dark bad boy days are two secrets they keep hidden, until they find the right person to share them with. They must face challenges, and obstacles in order to find love and acceptance. 


Bree’s POV

“You’re really pretty, you know that?” What the hell? That came out of nowhere.
“Um, thanks I guess,” I stumbled, unsure of what else to say.
“I mean it, Dimples.” I crossed him a look. Dimples?
“Did you just call me Dimples?”
“Yeah. You have these adorable dimples in your cheeks when you smile. If you smile, I should say,” he snickered. “But it’s hard to tell with all that hostility taking over,” he sneered, waving circles in the air to indicate my face.
“Me, hostile? I’m a breath of fresh air, so I’ve been told.” I grinned at his backwards compliment.
“A breath of fresh air? That’s what you call that?”
“Yeah. Problem?” I asked, gripping the steering wheel tighter with both hands.
“Maybe if you were a little more… approachable, guys wouldn’t be intimidated by you,” he responded honestly with a straight face.
“Maybe I don’t want to be more approachable,” I mumbled speaking more to myself than him. The theater was my way of having a second chance at a life; the life I wanted. 

Stay tuned for more :)

Paperback Books Available Soon

I just ordered my first paperback book of Kitchen Affairs. I will be looking them over and then be putting them for sale on Amazon! First – I’ll do a fans giveaway before the book is even available for retail, so make sure you stay tuned! 


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Hello :)

So this morning, Kitchen Affairs was in Amazon’s kindle top 
20,000 purchased books – now it’s at 11,000! :) haha, i know that’s like a huge ways away from the top 100, but you guys can help me out right?! I’m going to be doing a giveaway very soon, so make sure you stay tuned & share my page! (working on a paperback version that will be available soon!)