From USA Today Bestselling Author Brooke Cumberland comes a gut-wrenchingly beautiful standalone novella about a girl who just wants to live her life and a boy who just wants to help her live it...

What if time was the only thing that kept you from falling in love?
What if you knew when your time was up?


Kate Wesley knows about that all too well. When time is no longer on her side, she decides to live. To be spontaneous and live with no regrets. But her perfectly crafted plan is shattered when she meets Gabe and the moment he comes face to face with her, he realizes he doesn’t ever want to let go. No matter how fast she runs away.


Life has a tricky way of catching up to you, of forcing your hand, of leaving you with no choice. Kate accepts her destiny and pushes anyone out that threatens to get close. But how will she feel when Gabe pushes back?


Would you give your heart to someone if you knew it wouldn’t last forever?
Would you risk it anyway for a chance at love?


**Bad Girlfriend is a standalone novella intended for mature audiences only.**